5 Historically Awesome Places to Visit Near the Port of Kusadasi

The popular beach resort town of Kusadasi can be found on Turkeys Aegean Coast.
It’s the perfect dropping point for visitors to explore the surrounding areas, particularly the outstandingly well-kept ruins of Ephesus. Cruise ships often dock here as well, allowing travelers the opportunity to enjoy various day tours. Whether you are after a relaxing day on the beach, a busy day of shopping, or a chance to experience history, Kusadasi is a town for everyone.

1. Ephesus

© Eduardo Huelin | Dreamstime.com - The Great Theatre of Ephesus

The Great Theatre of Ephesus

The ruins of the ancient Greek city of Ephesus have been recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. In the modern world, they have been praised for being incredibly well preserved. It is hard to believe but it is the largest excavated site in the world despite being only 15% unearthed! The Temple of Hadrian, the Celsius Library, the Odeon, and the Terrace Houses are some of the magnificent places you will get to experience here. In the ancient world it was a trade centre and religious centre for early Christianity. Located in Selcuk, about 30 km from Kusadasi, Ephesus is an important town to visit and is best accessed by through a tour company.

2. House of the Virgin Mary

House of Virgin Mary in Ephesos,Turkey

House of Virgin Mary in Ephesos,Turkey

The House of the Virgin Marry is a small site that visitors often find very moving, whether they are religious or not. It is where the Virgin Mary is believed to have spent her last days, enjoying the remoteness of its location. Catholics and Muslims both come here to pray, however non-religious people have still found it to be interesting and worth visiting. Made entirely of stones, the small house is an impressive, church like shrine not to be missed. It is located just 9 km from Ephesus.

3. Temple of Artemis

© Sergei Afanasev | Dreamstime.com - Temple of Artemis. Selcuk. Turkey.

Temple of Artemis. Selcuk. Turkey.

Dedicated to the goddess Artemis, the Greek temple located in Ephesus has been rebuilt many times before reaching its current state. A flood and an act of arson are two of the devastations that caused a need for rebuilding. The temples fragmented ruins and still standing marble columns are scattered among swampland that visitors can walk through. While a quick visit, it is worth viewing what remains at the Temple of Artemis during a visit to Ephesus.

4. Sirince Greek Village

Sirince Greek Village

Sirince Greek Village

Sirince is an unexpectedly charming mountain village of Greek origin located about 12 kilometers from Ephesus. Originally named Cirkince (ugly) to deter foreigners from visiting, the picturesque village was renamed to it’s much more suiting name, Sirince (pretty). The village offers an intimate feel and is lined with cute shops and houses offering many goods for purchase. Many of the homes were restored and turned into inns. You will find an assortment of local fruit wines, soaps, olives, and other unique souvenirs. Be sure to stop in and enjoy one of the many wine-tasting rooms!

5. Basilica of St. John

St. John\'s Basilica Photo

St. John’s Basilica Photo

The Basilica of St. John overlooks the burial site of John the Apostle. St. John was believed to have spent his final years in this region. Christians will especially appreciate the historical figures who have walked here before. Rich in history and located within Ephesus, walking through the Basilica of St. John is often an emotional experience. Weaving among tall columns and arches, you feel a fascination with the ruins around you. Take a walk up the hill before you leave for great views of the surrounding area from Selcuk Castle.

These fascinating places are just some of the unique locations you can visit through Kusadasi Shore Excursions. From years of experience, Kusadasi Shore Excursions has been able to create some of the most insightful and fulfilling tours whether you choose a private or group excursion.